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In view of stabilising gas prices on European market in January, Grupa Azoty updates its price lists for fertilizer products
Given a stabilisation of natural gas prices on the European market seen in January, despite strong year-on-year increases in the prices of other fertilizer production inputs, including electricity, coal, phosphate rock and potassium chloride, the Grupa Azoty Group has decided to lower its prices of fertilizer products with effect from February 1st 2023.

This is another significant price revision by the Polish manufacturer in response to changing market conditions, following a similar one in October 2022. The decision will be reflected in the fertilizer price lists applied by our countrywide authorised distributors, listed at:

Grupa Azoty has set monthly product prices for February 2023.

The Company further notes that an expected increase in the volume of orders ahead of the peak season of fertilizer application may cause difficulties beyond the Company’s control with third-party transport and logistics.