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Environment protection


The outlays on pro-ecological investments during the recent years have reached PLN 10 million per annum on average. According to the philosophy of Zakłady Chemiczne "POLICE" SA, the assumption of minimising of reduction of impact on the environment is shown by each planned investment and modernisation, as well as in the current functioning of all areas of the Company. Systematic actions for assurance of the highest safety standards and the natural environment protection as well as the Company's contribution that popularise actions related to the ecology, are confirmed among other things by: "Responsible Care" Certificate, World Environment Center Certificate granted for the unique - on the global scale - technology of reclamation of storage yards, title of The Environmentally Friendly Company in the 4th edition of the contest, and the title of The Patron of Polish Ecology.


Zakłady Chemiczne "POLICE" SA belongs to the group of companies that are fully aware of the responsibility for the condition of the natural environment. Each year, the Company undertakes new actions for the environment protection and achieves more and more successes within this field. These achievements were confirmed by awarding Zakłady Chemiczne "POLICE" SA the certificate of the "Responsible Care" Programme Chapter in October 1999, retained in the next year on the basis of audit from the year of 2000 confirming the Company's achievements in the scope of ecology. Another proof of recognition for the pro-ecological attitude of Zakłady Chemiczne "POLICE" SA was awarding the Company the SUPER-EKO 2000 award on the POLEKO 2000 Fair. The Chairmen of the International Poznań Fair and the National Environment Protection and Water Management Fund, when granting SUPER-EKO 2000 to the Company representatives, considered the presence of Zakłady Chemiczne "POLICE" SA on POLEKO 2000 as a sign of a new trend in treating of ecology by the sector traditionally considered as being unfriendly to the environment. The granted prizes and awards confirm that Zakłady Chemiczne "POLICE" SA seriously treats the pro-ecological issues and takes large-scale actions for the maximum reduction of negative impact of the Plant on the natural environment.