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Grupa Azoty – Partner of Agrorewolucje

The Grupa Azoty Group has become a partner of another season of Agrorewolucje, a hugely popular online programme about agriculture. The programme will be hosted by leading Polish YouTubers specialising in the Agro content. All farmers need to do to take part in the casting for its 3rd edition is to complete a questionnaire and shoot a short film about their farms. Entries for Agrorewolucje will be accepted until June 12th 2022.

Grupa Azoty posts solid first-quarter 2022 financial results

In the first quarter of 2022, Grupa Azoty faced high and volatile prices of feedstocks, mainly natural gas, phosphate rock, potassium chloride, benzene, phenol, and propylene. Despite the challenging market landscape and feedstock pressure, Grupa Azoty delivered solid financial results by maintaining fertilizer production at levels reflecting maximum available capacity throughout the first quarter of 2022, which also enabled it to fully meet domestic demand.

Supplies of natural gas to Grupa Azoty Group continuing without disruption

Further to the news of a sudden halt in Russian gas supplies to Poland, Grupa Azoty announces that the Group companies receive natural gas under a contract with Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo S.A. Poland has technical capabilities to source gas from various directions, e.g. through system interconnectors on its western and southern borders and via the LNG terminal in Świnoujście. The mix is supplemented by domestically produced gas and volumes withdrawn from gas storage facilities, where Poland has accumulated substantial stocks. 

Positive impact of business diversification on the Grupa Azoty Group’s financial results for 2021

In 2021, the Grupa Azoty Group posted consolidated revenue of PLN 15.90bn (up PLN 5.38bn year on year), EBITDA of PLN 1.95bn (up PLN 624m year on year), and EBITDA margin of 12.2% (down 0.4pp year on year). Net profit in 2021 reached PLN 634m, having increased by PLN 279m year on year. The largest contribution to consolidated EBITDA earned by the Grupa Azoty Group in the fourth quarter of 2021 was made by the Chemicals segment, which posted its best performance on record.

Grupa Azoty launches new edition of its acceleration programme Idea4Azoty 2030

Grupa Azoty is set to launch a refreshed version of its Idea4Azoty programme, which aims to facilitate collaboration between Grupa Azoty and providers of innovative solutions for industrial applications. The project is targeted at universities, research institutions and start-ups.

Current status of Grupa Azoty’s assistance for Ukrainian Refugees

Grupa Azoty Group companies and employees are engaged in the efforts aimed at helping Ukrainian refugees fleeing war.