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Winner announced in fifth edition of ‘We care for the Polish land’ lottery

In the fifth edition of the ‘We care for the Polish land’ customer lottery run by Grupa Azoty, the grand prize, a John Deere 5075E tractor, went to Eugeniusz from Gostyń County in the province of Poznań. This year’s lottery saw nearly 43,000 entries, an increase of more than 261% over 2018 when Grupa Azoty’s lottery was first held.

PGNiG as strategic gas supplier to Grupa Azoty

Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA and Grupa Azoty SA and its subsidiaries have signed annexes to existing contracts for the sale of gas fuel, extending the term of the contracts until the end of September 2023.

Grupa Azoty wraps up 5th edition of its Brand Ambassador programme

Another edition of the Grupa Azoty Brand Ambassador programme, in which Ambassadors engaged by the Group represented it at their respective universities, has just come to an end. In the course of the year-long programme, six Ambassadors selected by the largest Group Companies helped the Group organise various brand promotion and information events for the academic community.

Grupa Azoty supports free webinars for farmers

On Monday, June 6th 2022, the Parliamentary Group for Enterprise Development and Support and the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture are hosting a free webinar for farmers. The event will be held under the patronage of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Henryk Kowalczyk, who will also be a guest speaker at the webinar. Grupa Azoty partners another event aimed at farmers.

Grupa Azoty – Partner of Agrorewolucje

The Grupa Azoty Group has become a partner of another season of Agrorewolucje, a hugely popular online programme about agriculture. The programme will be hosted by leading Polish YouTubers specialising in the Agro content. All farmers need to do to take part in the casting for its 3rd edition is to complete a questionnaire and shoot a short film about their farms. Entries for Agrorewolucje will be accepted until June 12th 2022.

Grupa Azoty posts solid first-quarter 2022 financial results

In the first quarter of 2022, Grupa Azoty faced high and volatile prices of feedstocks, mainly natural gas, phosphate rock, potassium chloride, benzene, phenol, and propylene. Despite the challenging market landscape and feedstock pressure, Grupa Azoty delivered solid financial results by maintaining fertilizer production at levels reflecting maximum available capacity throughout the first quarter of 2022, which also enabled it to fully meet domestic demand.