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Significant price reductions on nitrogen fertilizers offered by Grupa Azoty

After market conditions changed and a decision was made to resume production at Grupa Azoty S.A. in Tarnów and Grupa Azoty Puławy, the Group has offered its customers new, much lower prices of nitrogen fertilizers.

Grupa Azoty seeks innovative solutions with European Innovation Council

EIC Procurers Days with Grupa Azoty, an event organised by the European Innovation Council for Grupa Azoty, was held on October 12th and October 13th. During the two-day event, representatives of Grupa Azoty met with European companies offering innovative solutions with the potential for implementation by the Company.

Police port’s project receives EU funding

The group of projects selected for funding by the European Union includes one submitted by the Police port, which is part of the Grupa Azoty Group. The project ‘Strengthening of the comprehensive network by increasing the accessibility and efficiency of the port in Police’ includes the construction of a railway node with the necessary technical infrastructure as part of the construction of railway line No. 437 to the Police seaport. The planned work will improve the port’s accessibility from the shore and sea and will increase its handling capacity. The development of the port will increase the potential of the Grupa Azoty Group, including its largest investment project Polimery Police.

Sixth edition of ‘Grupa Azoty Brand Ambassador’ launched

Are you an undergraduate or graduate working for a doctoral degree, actively involved in the life of the student community and looking to have a future career in the industrial sector? Grupa Azoty is calling for applications by candidates who want to be Grupa Azoty Brand Ambassadors at their universities during the 2022/2023 academic year.

Grupa Azoty meets with General Contractor of Polimery Police project

On September 16th 2022, representatives of Grupa Azoty met with senior executives of Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd., the general contractor on the Polimery Police project. During the meeting, participants discussed the progress of construction works at the new complex and gas terminal.

Grupa Azoty provides supplies of CO2 and dry ice to its customers

Despite temporary production cuts at three of the Grupa Azoty Group’s companies, the Group continues to provide supplies of CO2 to its existing customers. The reduction in fertilizer production was planned so as to ensure the availability of sensitive products, including liquid CO2, dry ice and ammonia water, which is necessary for the operation of the commercial power industry.