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Fertilizer market achieving stability

“On the back of decisive measures taken by Grupa Azoty to stabilise the fertilizer market, the price increases have slowed down. Some of the authorised distributors of Grupa Azoty have posted on their websites detailed price lists with revised retail prices,’ said Karol Rabenda, Deputy Minister of State Assets.

September at the "Polimery Police" construction site

76% of material progress was achieved by the “Polimery Police” project. Works on all sub-projects are underway.

Grupa Azoty calls on its authorised distributors to support farmers and help cover domestic fertilizer demand

Given the present situation in the fertilizer market, Grupa Azoty has urged its authorised fertilizer distributors to actively support producer groups, cooperatives and farmer groups to ensure the expected level of fertilizer availability on the domestic market. In its letters sent to distributors, the Company has urged them to immediately analyse fertilizer resale streams so that the needs of Polish farmers are covered first.

Grupa Azoty maintains fertilizer production despite record-high gas prices

In view of the current situation on the fertilizer market, Grupa Azoty would like to note that in the last few months we have been dealing with record-high gas prices, and in recent days – with unprecedented high volatility and growth dynamics. Despite the record gas prices, Grupa Azoty is doing its utmost not to reduce production and to supply Polish farmers with fertilizers necessary for agricultural production.

Fifth edition of ‘Grupa Azoty Brand Ambassador’ launched

Are you an undergraduate or graduate working for a doctoral degree, actively involved in the life of the student community and looking to have a future career in the industrial sector? Grupa Azoty is calling for applications by candidates who want to be Grupa Azoty Brand Ambassadors at their universities during the 2021/2022 academic year.

Visit of the Supervisory Board at the construction site

The Supervisory Board of Grupa Azoty Polyolefins visited the construction site of the Polimery Police project. The members of the Council and the Management Board visited the Handling and Storage Terminal, the PDH Installation and the PP Installation.