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ORLEN Paliwa wants to build new LPG terminal at sea port in Police using Grupa Azoty Polyolefins’ infrastructure
ORLEN Paliwa wants to build new LPG terminal at sea port in Police using Grupa Azoty Polyolefins’ infrastructure

ORLEN Paliwa, Zarząd Morskiego Portu Police and Grupa Azoty Polyolefins have signed a letter of intent concerning potential construction by ORLEN Paliwa of an LPG terminal on the premises of the sea port in Police. The cooperation would involve use of the wharf currently being built by Grupa Azoty Polyolefins for the Polimery Police project.

The project to build an LPG terminal on the port premises would involve, in particular, the construction of a facility comprising cryogenic and pressurised tanks, as well as handling infrastructure for cargoes delivered by ships, trucks and railcars. The terminal would enable collection of propane delivered by sea and butane delivered by rail or road and their further distribution for the purposes of ORLEN Paliwa’s business.

‘We are continuing the investment campaign in West Pomerania. The letter of intent signed today proves that despite the coronavirus crisis we are still pursuing economic growth of the region. Three Polish businesses with a European reach are determined to implement a project that would boost the region’s growth, create new jobs and enhance our country’s energy security,’ said Zbigniew Bogucki, Szczecin Provincial Governor, and added ‘The planned LPG terminal, the strategic projects that are already under way in Police and Świnoujście as well as the Baltic Pipe are likely to turn West Pomerania into Europe’s largest hub for chemical feedstock.

‘The sea port in Police offers a massive business potential. For Grupa Azoty, it is mainly a location of reliable transport facilities. In the near future it will also play a vital role in supporting Polimery Police – the largest chemical industry project in Poland and Europe. I am convinced that the letter of intent we have signed today will open up new business development opportunities for each of the signatories and that the infrastructure built for our project will also be available for use in the construction of ORLEN Paliwa’s LPG terminal,’ said Mariusz Grab, Vice President of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty S.A. and President of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty Police.

‘A potential investment in the LPG terminal would be an opportunity for further dynamic growth of both ORLEN Paliwa and the entire ORLEN Group. The project is likely to provide us with access to the global propane market and give us a chance to make purchases on terms similar to those enjoyed by the largest European players. The potential capacity to purchase the product in volumes several times higher than it is possible now would make our company the leader in distribution of liquefied petroleum gases in Poland. It would also create an opportunity to improve procurement terms and reduce shipment costs. A new source of LPG supplies would also significantly enhance Poland's energy security,’ said Jakub Opara, Member of the Management Board, Logistics, ORLEN Paliwa.

‘All port authorities seek to attract reliable investors who, while pursuing their own business objectives, will simultaneously have a synergistic effect on development of the port’s infrastructure. The selection of Police as a potential location for ORLEN Paliwa's project only confirms the attractiveness and competitiveness of our port, the fourth largest in Poland in terms of cargo handling volumes,’ said Andrzej Łuc, President of the Management Board of Zarząd Morskiego Portu Police.

Work on the construction of the terminal could only be performed insofar as it did not affect the implementation of the Polimery Police project.