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Grupa Azoty Polyolefins selects Gryfilen® distributors for Europe
Grupa Azoty Polyolefins selects Gryfilen® distributors for Europe

Grupa Azoty Polyolefins, the special purpose vehicle implementing the Polimery Police project, has selected distributors for its new product – polypropylene to be marketed under the name Gryfilen®. In Poland, the product will be distributed by Grupa Azoty Compounding.

For other European markets, Grupa Azoty Polyolefins has selected the following distributors:

  • Ter Hell Plastic GmbH – the exclusive distributor for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland
  • Nexeo Plastic Europe B. V. – the exclusive distributor for Italy, France, Spain and Portugal
  • Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH – the exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland
  • Imlitex Industry UAB – the exclusive distributor for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine.

The principal criteria that determined the selection of these distributors included experience, technical and selling competencies and sales results achieved to date.

Grupa Azoty Polyolefins is currently in the process of selecting distributors for the other European markets, such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is worth noting that the Grupa Azoty Group owns assets in the German market, including Grupa Azoty ATT Polymers.

The plastics produced at Polimery Police under the Gryfilen® trademark will have a very low volatile substance content and will be free of phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA). They will also be characterised by a very low absorption of flavours or odours, which is vital in food industry applications.

Since the stage of completion of Grupa Azoty Group’s Polimery Police project is already above 99%, we can initiatie sales activity. The selected new distributors of products coming from Grupa Azoty Group’s plant in Police will work with us to build the market success of the Gryfilen® polypropylene in Europe. The exclusive distributor for the Polish market is Grupa Azoty Compounding, a company from our Group with long-standing experience in sale of plastics,” said Tomasz Hinc, President of the Grupa Azoty S.A. Management Board.

The purpose of Polimery Police, a project with a total budget of around USD 1.8bn, is to build an integrated chemical complex that will comprise a propylene dehydrogenation plant and a polypropylene production plant, with an annual capacity of up to 437 thousand tonnes. The two key plants have been designed using state-of-the-art technology for great production flexibility and ability to deliver a wide range of polypropylene types. The project also includes the construction of a gas terminal complete with handling and storage infrastructure for sourcing production feedstock by sea as well as numerous auxiliary systems.