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Current status of Grupa Azoty’s assistance for Ukrainian Refugees
Current status of Grupa Azoty’s assistance for Ukrainian Refugees

Grupa Azoty Group companies and employees are engaged in the efforts aimed at helping Ukrainian refugees fleeing war.

As part of the financial support of PLN 1 million, the companies made donations to, among others, Caritas and the Polish Red Cross. The assistance also includes providing lodging and transportation, providing equipment for firefighters, and organising blood drives and donation collections.

These efforts also involved:

  • Giving accommodation to the first Ukrainian families in the facilities belonging to the Grupa Azoty Group companies,
  • Collections of the most needed items for Ukrainians in Tarnów, Puławy, Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Police and Człuchów,
  • Providing special clothing and equipment and medical supplies to support firefighters operating in wartime conditions in Ukraine,
  • Blood donation drives organised by the PCK Voluntary Blood Donor Clubs of the Grupa Azoty Group;
  • The Group companies’ engagement in organising transport and logistics to transfer people from reception points to destination points, and in transport of donations.

The relief efforts of Grupa Azoty are being coordinated by the Polish Ministry of State Assets and Ministry of the Interior and Administration.