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Academic Ambassadors wanted
Academic Ambassadors wanted
The second edition of the ‘Ambassador of Grupa Azoty Brand’ programme has begun. The programme, open to all academic circles, is intended to interest students in building their professional careers with the Grupa Azoty Group. This time, the programme is targeted at all university students. The best ones are sure to receive awards, including a paid internship at the Grupa Azoty Group.

Research, development and innovation are given high priority in the Grupa Azoty Group’s strategy. We are on the eve of the opening of a new Research and Development Centre in Tarnów. A fast-growing Group such as ours must constantly search for people who will build its strength. The first edition of the ‘Ambassador of the Grupa Azoty Brand’ programme demonstrated the immense interest the Group enjoys among students as a potential employer. Our pilot programme was intended for second and third year students of four selected universities. In the current edition of the programme, we have decided to go one step further and invite all the universities to participate, and not only students of chemistry. I strongly encourage everyone to take part in our programme - Grzegorz Kądzielawski, Vice President of the Management Board, Grupa Azoty S.A.

Purpose of the programme

The programme aims to promote the brand in academic circles. A dynamic, creative ambassador representing the Group at the university will be responsible for raising interest in the Grupa Azoty Group’s activities and building its positive image as an employer of choice.

Who are the Ambassadors of the Grupa Azoty Brand?

The Ambassadors of the Grupa Azoty Brand will serve as a bridge between the Group and the academic community. Their tasks will include constant monitoring of the Group’s activities in the industry media, providing information and support in the organisation of meetings, seminars, workshops, and promotional events. The Brand Ambassadors will also participate in arranging stands during university job fairs and posting information and promotional materials on social networking sites. Direct access to information will allow them to become the key source of knowledge about the Grupa Azoty Group for their fellow students. In exchange for cooperation, the students will receive various benefits, such as monthly scholarships for ambassadors, city card top-ups, the opportunity to tour the plant and to meet with the Grupa Azoty Group’s executive staff.

Be active & win the prizes

The Academic Ambassadors must be energetic and creative. Scores will be given depending on how active a given ambassador is. The winner of the second edition of the programme will be offered a paid monthly internship at a Grupa Azoty Group company they choose, at a department appropriate for their professional interests. And this is not the only award the Ambassadors can expect. The game is worth the candle.

Deadline for sending applications

All university students may apply for the programme, the second edition of which will start on October 3rd. Candidates will be accepted based on a completed recruitment form available at Selected candidates will be invited for an interview. Send in your entries by October 19th 2018. There is no time to waste!

The ‘Ambassador of the Grupa Azoty Brand’ programme is part of employer branding efforts. The next steps will include launching internship programmes, organising a series of meetings at selected universities, and participation of the Grupa Azoty Group’s representatives in university job fairs.

For more information, go to Ambassador of Grupa Azoty Brand