The OXO range comprises organic products and is a
significant part of Grupa Azoty’s operations. The main products in this group
are oxo alcohols, plasticisers and anhydrides. Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A, a member of
the Grupa Azoty, is the only domestic manufacturer of oxo alcohols. It has one
of the most technologically advanced oxo alcohol facilities in Europe. Oxo
alcohols are used for production of wide range of plastcizers, including
phthalate and non-phthalate plasticizers, additive to diesel oils and thinners
in the manufacture of paints and varnishes, as well as in other industry
sectors. Within the group, oxo alcohols are used to manufacture of
plasticizers: Oxoplast
®O (DEHP), Oxoplast®IB
(DIBP), Oxoviflex
® (DEHT) and Oxoplast Medica® which was included to
the portfolio of Grupa Azoty ZAK SA in January 2014. These are components of
plastics, varnishes, dyes and polyester resins. They are widely used in the
plastics and automotive industries. Moreover,our new plastcizer
Oxoplast Medica® is used in the medical industry for
producing blood bags and blood transfusion sets.

Azoty is Poland’s only and Europe’s seventh-largest manufacturer of oxo
alcohols and Poland’s largest and Europe’s fifth-largest manufacturer of

The commercial offer of Grupa Azoty includes the following OXO products:

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