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Grupa Azoty – New Face of the Polish Chemistry

From now, 5 December 2012, all the companies belonging to Azoty Tarnów capital group function under one brand – Grupa Azoty. 
Zakłady Azotowe w Tarnowie-Mościcach S.A. (Azoty Tarnów), serving as the dominant company in Azoty Tarnów capital group, introduce “Grupa Azoty” - a new, common brand into the Polish market. This brand will be used by all the companies belonging to the group. It is aimed at specifying Grupa Azoty clearly and lucidly, its market position as well as showing the products offered to a market. The decision about introducing a new brand into the market is the new opening for the group. The consolidation of the Polish chemical sector, carried out until now by Zakłady Azotowe w Tarnowie-Mościcach S.A., enabled the concentration of many companies in the framework of Azoty Tarnów capital group. At present, the group is not only the biggest chemical syndicate but also one of the biggest players in the European market. It has very rich product portfolio in different fields of the chemical sector. The introduction of the new, unitary brand for all the products of the capital group is aimed at increasing the recognition of the new brand under which the complex offer for the clients, both in the whole country and abroad, will be presented.

“This strategic step not only has the symbolic meaning. This is another stage in forming the identity of the capital group. At the same time it is some sort of a new challenge towards the customers, employees and business partners. As a result of this step everyone who used our products and services will have the easier and quicker opportunity to find them in the framework of one, richer offer” – says Jerzy Marciniak, Chairman of the Board in Zakłady Azotowe w Tarnowie-Mościcach S.A.
The name “Grupa Azoty” briefly includes both the memory of its own tradition as well as expresses the strength necessary for the activity in the modern capital markets. “The context for this brave decision lies in dynamically changing European and global landscape of the chemical sector. The pace of these changes forces the most important players of the chemical sector to greater activity, development and long-term strategic thinking. We know it very well – that is why we do not stop thinking about the future. While taking one decisive step we think about the next” – adds Jerzy Marciniak. 

The new name is only one element of the change. It is followed by the new logo. The synthetic image of the swallow going up (the reference to the historical brand name of Azoty Tarnów) is linked with the well-thought-out lettering referring to the best traditions of the modern design. The light spread evenly in specially designed typography makes the impression of the calmness, openness and trust. 
The unified system of the visual identification is introduced – namely the visual idea of Grupa Azoty identity codified in detail in the Brand Book. The Brand Book specifies the consistent visual principles of presenting the company itself as well as its diverse products, available from now within the scope of one common offer. It also indicates the most important terms and associations by use of which Grupa Azoty wants to tell about its mission and values. The general motto “Powering Creation” identifying Grupa Azoty is defined by the words like knowledge, responsibility, innovativeness, harmony and safety.
Simultaneously, the nationwide campaign, introducing a new brand onto the market under the motto “New Face of the Polish Chemistry” has begun. 

entry 115 / 115

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