The company manufactures compound mineral fertilisers (its standard fertilisers are marketed under the POLIFOSKA® brand) and urea – fulfilling stringent quality standards, this nitrogen fertiliser is the safest for plants and due to its high quality has a wide range of applications outside agriculture. The fertilisers manufactured at Police are:
  • Mocznik.pl®

Zakłady Chemiczne Police S.A. has also successfully launched a range of garden fertilisers. Particularly from an environmental protection viewpoint, a significant aspect of the company’s operations is the manufacture of AdBlue®, a urea solution used in the automotive industry to reduce nitrogen monoxide in diesel engines. The company’s key operating areas also include the manufacture and marketing of titanium white and associate intermediates: iron (II) sulphate and post-hydrolytic acid. The company holds the leading position in the domestic titanium white market. Titanium dioxide pigments are sold under the trade name TYTANPOL® and their principal customers are manufacturers of paints and varnishes. Other industrial consumers for this raw material include the plastics and paper sectors, ceramics industry and textiles. A source of essential support for the company’s operations is the Energy Centre, which generates technical steam, electricity and compressed air. The company also maintains an acid waste treatment centre and landfill site. Zakłady Chemiczne Police S.A. has strategic significance for the West Pomeranian region as a whole, and it identifies closely with its regional community. Carrying on its tradition, it provides stable employment for over 2000 people.


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